Introduction to Intellectual Property

University of Pennsylvania

Explore the world of intellectual property with the "Introduction to Intellectual Property" course offered by the University of Pennsylvania. This comprehensive course delves into the various forms of U.S. intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks, and their role in generating significant value for businesses. Through case studies, you will analyze effective intellectual property strategies and examine alternatives to formal intellectual property protections.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Identifying various forms of intellectual property protection available under U.S. Law
  • Differentiating the advantages and disadvantages of intellectual property administration
  • Analyzing effective intellectual property strategies through case studies
  • Examining alternatives to formal intellectual property protections

Join this course to gain valuable insights into the economic and philosophical justifications of IP rights and explore alternative approaches to intellectual property law. By the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how intellectual property assets contribute to the value and success of global businesses.

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Introduction to Intellectual Property
Course Modules

This course is divided into four modules, each providing a comprehensive exploration of various aspects of intellectual property, including existing protections, philosophical justifications of IP rights, alternatives to intellectual property law, and case studies showcasing real-world applications.

Existing Intellectual Property Protection in the U.S.

Explore the existing intellectual property protection in the U.S., including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Learn about the expansion of intellectual property and the overlaps in IP. Engage in quizzes to test your understanding and solidify your knowledge. Optional readings and discussions further enhance your learning experience.

Philosophical and Economic Justifications of IP Rights

Delve into the philosophical and economic justifications of IP rights to understand the mechanisms, costs, and benefits of intellectual property. Explore theories related to IP, its role as a public good, and its impact on monopolies. Engage in quizzes and discussions to deepen your comprehension of these critical concepts.

Alternatives to Intellectual Property Law

Examine alternatives to intellectual property law, including government contracts, private subscriptions, and trade secrets. Dive into optional readings on open source and beyond the patents-prizes debate. Engage in thought-provoking discussions about the current IP systems and their effectiveness.

Case Studies in Intellectual Property

Analyze real-world case studies of Apple Computers, General Motors, and Novartis to understand how these global businesses have leveraged intellectual property strategies. Gain valuable insights into their IP strategies and the impact on their respective industries. Participate in surveys and discussions to reinforce your knowledge.

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