Curanderismo: Traditional Healing Using Plants

University of New Mexico

Embark on a cultural and educational journey with "Curanderismo: Traditional Healing Using Plants." This course delves into the art of Hispanic/Latino traditional medicine, focusing on the use of plants for healing. Discover the history, traditions, and rituals of Curanderismo, and analyze the curative remedies of plants in the Southwest for medicinal purposes.

  • Gain insights into the historical and cultural influences of traditional medicine
  • Learn about medicinal plants for the digestive and nervous systems
  • Explore the preparation and application of tinctures, microdosis, juice therapy, and geotherapy
  • Understand the use of herbal oils and smoke for healing

Immerse yourself in practical applications and wisdom shared by trained traditional healers, and develop an understanding of how to apply basic principles of traditional medicine to approach health and illnesses.

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Curanderismo: Traditional Healing Using Plants
Course Modules

Embark on a journey through the comprehensive modules of "Curanderismo: Traditional Healing Using Plants." From interviews with traditional healers to practical applications of plant-based healing, this course provides a rich understanding of Hispanic/Latino traditional medicine and its applications.

Introduction to Curanderismo: The Art of Traditional Medicine, Interviews with Traditional Healers.

Delve into the Introduction to Curanderismo with insightful interviews with traditional healers, providing foundational knowledge about this traditional healing practice.

Plants of the Southwest, Medicinal Plants for the Digestive System.

Explore the rich diversity of medicinal plants in the Southwest and their applications for digestive system health, gaining practical knowledge of plant-based remedies.

Medicinal Plants for the Nervous System, Tinctures and Microdosis.

Gain an understanding of medicinal plants for the nervous system and the preparation and application of tinctures and microdosis for healing purposes.

Juice Therapy | Jugoterapia, Geotherapy

Discover the therapeutic benefits of juice therapy and geotherapy, and how these plant-based treatments contribute to overall well-being.

Healing with Herbal Oils, Herbal Smoke for Healing.

Learn about the healing properties of herbal oils and the use of herbal smoke for traditional healing, concluding the course with a comprehensive understanding of plant-based remedies.

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