Integrative Health and Medicine

University of Minnesota

If you want to help your patients or clients manage conditions or symptoms such as pain and anxiety, this specialization will provide the knowledge and skills needed. In these five courses, you will explore integrative therapies, including herbal medicine, guided imagery, aromatherapy, and mindfulness. For each therapy studied, you will gain skills to: Assess if a therapy is appropriate, Educate patients or clients about benefit and risk, Administer or advise on use, and Evaluate if the therapy was useful (our AEAE approach).\n\nBy the end of this specialization, you will be familiar with application methods, mechanisms of action, and the research evidence for specific therapies, as well as safety and quality considerations. In short, you will be ready to partner with patients on developing a plan of integrative care that fits their needs and preferences. Note that while the primary focus is on working with patients or clients, the information is also immediately applicable to your own health and wellbeing.

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Integrative Health and Medicine
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一堂課讓你認識肺癌(Basic Concepts of Lung Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment)

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本課程共有四周,介紹肺的功能、肺癌形成的原因、以及肺癌的分期與治療,完成課程後將對肺癌有初步的認識。 根據衛生福利部統計,民國105年台灣死於肺癌的人數高達9372人,這其中有許多是不吸煙,也沒有家族病史的病患,這些病患對本身如何得到肺癌往往得不到答案。但抬頭看看我們的天空,不論是大陸吹來的沙塵暴,或是我們台灣本島製造的空污,早已將天空蒙上一層灰,因此空污對於肺癌,實在有著密不可分的關聯。其實對於肺癌,有個早期篩檢的利器—低劑量電腦斷層篩檢,這項篩檢無需禁食,也不用打顯影劑,只要五分鐘左右即可完成,只可惜因為需要自費,因此許多人望之卻步,也讓許多人失去了早期篩檢出肺癌的機會。希望藉由這門課可以讓大家對台灣新國病—肺癌有不同的認識,也希望大家能更重視呼吸的健康。...

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