Community Awareness Course: Sexuality and Disability

University of Minnesota

This community awareness course from the University of Minnesota Program on Human Sexuality will provide you with a solid introduction to human sexuality for those living with disabilities. Often there are assumptions that the disabled or differently abled people are not sexual, do not have sexual needs, or cannot be involved sexually. In this professionally produced one-hour course, you'll learn about the basics of disabilities and human sexuality. We'll then learn about three different conditions, Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy and Dwarfism, as examples of the sexuality related issues that people with these disabilities may face. In this course, you will 1) confront some of the societal myths and beliefs that are associated with sexuality and disability; 2) understand and foresee issues that may relate to fulfilling sexuality with regard to people with disabilities and the differently-abled; and 3) understand some of the physical barriers that people living with disabilities may need to deal with to be sexually active.

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Community Awareness Course: Sexuality and Disability
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