Brilliant, Passionate You

University of Michigan

This course is an interdisciplinary look at how we can make each day the best day of our lives by examining the question, “How can you be your most brilliant, passionate self?” You will be joined on this journey by our animated host, Lewis! You will envision your “perfect day” and then slowly deconstruct the elements of that day to better understand key elements such as finding your purpose, defining success, mental and physical health, the importance of community, and navigating risks and challenges. In addition, you will hear stories from a diverse array of individuals, including students, doctors, teachers, professional storytellers, professional athletes, coaches, and others sharing their own journeys, communities, and sources of inspiration. Finally, you will participate in the What’s Your Purpose? Project, utilizing storytelling techniques to share your own purpose and inspire other members of this global learning community to pursue theirs.

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Brilliant, Passionate You
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