Advanced Concepts in Time Value of Money (TVM)

University of Michigan

This course builds upon the fundamental concept of Time Value of Money (TVM) using more advanced applications and questions. You will apply the TVM concept in real-life problems of financial planning and saving for college. You will also learn more about loans and apply TVM concepts to borrowing and lending. You will realize that — while the applications are seemingly more complex, but when seen and broken-up into bite-size components — the framework, principles, and tools remain the same. After completing this course you will have an understanding of the detailed mechanics and reasoning behind any decision you make that has consequences for the future. The deeper exposure to financial transactions you will be applicable in any/all decisions. The great news is that these concepts and skills will transfer to your professional/business decisions. This course is part of the four-course Foundational Finance for Strategic Decision Making Specialization.

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Advanced Concepts in Time Value of Money (TVM)
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