Protecting the World: Introducing Corrosion Science and Engineering

University of Manchester

If you have ever encountered rusty car bodies, leaking pipes, tarnished silverware or the green patina of a copper roof then you have experienced corrosion in action. This course, from the Corrosion@Manchester team in collaboration with AkzoNobel, will teach you why metals corrode, what the environmental consequences are, how much corrosion costs and how corrosion can be controlled. It is designed for students, householders, teachers, professionals and anyone in-between. The aim of the course is to introduce the complex world of corrosion and corrosion control. While a full appreciation of corrosion science involves elements of materials science, electrochemistry and physics while corrosion engineering requires a practical knowledge of corrosion failures and engineering design this course does not need an extensive background knowledge. The course mirrors elements of the Corrosion Control Engineering teaching programme at The University of Manchester for final-year undergraduates and masters-level postgraduates and is used as a supplementary learning resource by our students.

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Protecting the World: Introducing Corrosion Science and Engineering
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