Consumption, Marketing and Culture

University of London

Delve into the complexities of consumer culture and marketing with the "Consumption, Marketing and Culture" MOOC offered by the University of London. This course provides a thought-provoking exploration of the significance of being a consumer in a consumer society, going beyond the act of purchasing products to examine the profound impact of marketing activities on our lives.

Throughout the course, you will gain insights into the ideologies and gender dynamics perpetuated by marketing, the influence of digital consumer culture, and the implications of consumer behavior on the environment. By critically engaging with these topics, you will develop a more analytical understanding of the pervasive role of marketing in shaping our consumer cultures and lives.

  • Explore the relationship between markets, ideology, and gender
  • Investigate the impact of digital consumer culture and surveillance capitalism
  • Examine the role of consumers in environmental sustainability

Join this MOOC to contemplate the profound questions surrounding consumerism and marketing in today's world.

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Consumption, Marketing and Culture
Course Modules

This MOOC is divided into three modules: "Markets, ideology and gender," "Digital consumer culture," and "Consumers and the environment." Each module delves into distinct aspects of consumer culture and marketing, guiding students through critical explorations of these topics.

Week 1: Markets, ideology and gender

Module 1, "Markets, ideology and gender," introduces students to the intricate connections between markets, ideology, and gender dynamics. Through audio materials and reflective activities, students will critically examine the influence of marketing on societal perceptions of gender roles and values, particularly in relation to mass media and advertising campaigns.

Week 2: Digital consumer culture

Module 2, "Digital consumer culture," delves into the impact of digital technologies and surveillance capitalism on consumer behavior. Students will explore the implications of their own data footprints and engage in discussions about the effects of digital consumer culture on autonomy and individual privacy.

Week 3: Consumers and the environment

Module 3, "Consumers and the environment," addresses the role of consumers in environmental sustainability. Through audio interviews and practical activities, students will contemplate the consequences of mass consumerism on the planet and explore strategies for consuming less and reducing their carbon footprints.

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