3D Models for Virtual Reality

University of London

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of Virtual Reality with the "3D Models for Virtual Reality" course. You'll master the art of crafting immersive VR experiences using Unity3D, from creating 3D objects and environments to integrating audio elements. Through a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on projects, you'll gain the expertise to develop compelling VR scenes. This course is your gateway to unlocking the captivating world of VR development.

  • Explore the basics of 3D graphics and the Unity3D game engine
  • Learn techniques for creating realistic objects and environments
  • Master the integration of audio elements for an immersive VR experience
  • Gain insights into content creation and optimization for VR

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3D Models for Virtual Reality
Course Modules

The course modules cover a wide range of topics including 3D graphics, VR graphics, VR audio, and content creation, providing a comprehensive foundation for mastering VR development in Unity3D.

3D Graphics

Embark on a journey into the world of 3D graphics and Unity3D. Learn the fundamentals of creating 3D objects, navigating in Unity, and utilizing the Asset Store to enhance your VR development skills.

VR Graphics

Dive into VR graphics with in-depth exploration of transforms, materials, cameras, and keyframe animation in Unity3D. Gain practical insights into developing visually captivating VR scenes.

VR Audio

Immerse yourself in the realm of VR audio with an exploration of sound perception, digital audio, and techniques for using audio in VR. Master the art of integrating audio elements in Unity3D for a complete VR experience.

Content Creation: What works in VR?

Uncover the secrets of content creation for VR, including graphics techniques, global illumination, and Unity shaders. Gain invaluable insights into optimizing VR experiences and crafting compelling VR environments.

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