Managing Major Engineering Projects

University of Leeds

Looking to advance your project management skills in the engineering field? The Managing Major Engineering Projects Specialization by the University of Leeds equips engineers and project managers with the expertise needed to succeed in planning and delivering major engineering projects. This comprehensive program delves into the critical components of project life cycles, cost and time performance indicators, governance challenges, risk management, scope, and major project financing.

Participants will gain insights into stakeholder management, risk assessment, and financial indicators crucial in major project finance. The content is designed to help individuals understand the measures of success, resolve governance challenges, and familiarize themselves with typical financing approaches in major engineering projects.

  • Enhance project management skills
  • Master the phases and characteristics of major projects
  • Understand governance challenges and risk management
  • Explore major project financing and financial indicators

If you are an engineer or project manager aiming to engage with major engineering projects, or if you are already involved in one, this Specialization is tailored to elevate your career in engineering project management.

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Managing Major Engineering Projects
Course Modules

This Specialization encompasses a thorough exploration of the key phases, governance, risk, scope, and financing of major engineering projects. Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of project life cycles, stakeholder management, scope, risk management, and key financial indicators.

Major Engineering Project Performance

Uncover the key phases of a project life cycle and distinguish the main characteristics of major projects. Gain expertise in analyzing cost and time performance indicators, while learning to mitigate bias and strategic misinterpretation.

  • Comprehensive understanding of project life cycles
  • Identification of key project characteristics
  • Analysis of cost and time performance indicators

Major Engineering Projects: Governance, Risk and Scope

Explore strategies for stakeholder management, governance challenges, and risk management in major projects. Delve into the theory and practice of scope management to enhance your skill set in managing opportunities and risks.

  • Identification of key stakeholders and governance challenges
  • Strategic risk management and scope management
  • Management of opportunities and risks

Financing and Initiating Major Engineering Projects

Understand major project financing and the key financial indicators used in major project finance. Explore different approaches to project contracting and learn to assess an organization's capabilities for successful project initiation.

  • Comprehension of major project financing and financial indicators
  • Exploration of project contracting approaches
  • Assessment of organization's capabilities for project initiation
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