An Introduction to Cryptography

University of Leeds

Cryptography is an essential aspect of secure communication, crucial for privacy and data confidentiality. This course, offered by the University of Leeds, delves into the fascinating world of cryptography. You'll explore historical ciphers, modern cryptographic algorithms, and protocols. Through theoretical concepts, practical examples, and hands-on exercises, you'll gain a solid understanding of cryptographic principles and applications.

Week 1 lays the foundation with an overview of simple ciphers and their vulnerabilities, encouraging hands-on practice. In Week 2, you'll delve into modern cryptography, exploring RSA encryption, end-to-end encryption, hash functions, and digital signatures. The course concludes with a comprehensive summary and a test to evaluate your learning.

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An Introduction to Cryptography
Course Modules

An Introduction to Cryptography is a two-week course covering the foundations of historical and modern cryptography. Week 1 focuses on simple ciphers and their vulnerabilities, while Week 2 delves into modern cryptographic techniques, including RSA encryption, end-to-end encryption, and digital signatures.

Welcome to Week 1

Week 1 introduces the course and its creator, providing an overview of simple ciphers and their vulnerabilities. You'll explore historical ciphers through practical exercises, gaining insight into their significance and vulnerabilities. The week concludes with reflections and a chance to test your understanding.

Week 2: Modern cryptography

Week 2 provides a summary of the course, followed by an exploration of modern cryptography, including its applications and techniques. You'll delve into RSA encryption, end-to-end encryption, hash functions, and digital signatures. The week concludes with a comprehensive evaluation of your learning through a test.

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