Introduction aux Droits de l’Homme

University of Geneva

This course, "Introduction aux Droits de l’Homme," delves into the expansive domain of international human rights protection. It presents an in-depth analysis of the sources, categories, and limitations of human rights, along with the obligations they impose on states. Additionally, it explores various mechanisms for ensuring their implementation and respect, both at the universal and regional levels.

From the philosophical and historical foundations of human rights to their contemporary significance and the instruments designed for their protection, this course equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of this complex field. It caters to a diverse audience, including academics, practitioners, policymakers, diplomats, journalists, NGO members, human rights advocates, and individuals interested in enhancing their comprehension of human rights.

With a series of 8 sessions, each incorporating concise video presentations and accompanying evaluation questionnaires, this course provides a thorough exploration of human rights. The content is designed and delivered by Professors Maya Hertig Randall and Michel Hottelier from the Faculty of Law at the University of Geneva. Throughout the course, experts from human rights bodies and academic specialists will offer their insights, enhancing the learning experience.

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Introduction aux Droits de l’Homme
Course Modules

This course comprises 8 modules, each delving into specific aspects of international human rights protection. Participants will gain comprehensive insights into the philosophical foundations, historical evolution, sources, obligations, and implementation mechanisms of human rights.

Semaine 1

Throughout Semaine 1, participants will explore foundational concepts such as the notion and characteristics of human rights, their philosophical underpinnings, and the evolution of human dignity. The module also delves into the emergence and evolution of human rights at the national level, offering a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles.

Semaine 2

Semaine 2 delves into the relationship between human rights and international law, exploring the historical precursors and the birth of human rights. Participants will gain insights into the development of international humanitarian law and international criminal law, enhancing their understanding of the broader legal landscape.

Semaine 3

During Semaine 3, the focus shifts to the sources of human rights at both national and international levels, their articulation, and implementation within the legal frameworks of states. The module also emphasizes the importance of international monitoring and control mechanisms in ensuring adherence to human rights standards.

Semaine 4

Semaine 4 offers an in-depth exploration of the generational classification of human rights, encompassing civil and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights, and rights of solidarity. Participants will critically analyze the relevance and implications of this classification under the guidance of experts in the field.

Semaine 5

In Semaine 5, participants will delve into the obligations related to respecting, protecting, and implementing human rights, along with contemporary perspectives. The module presents new horizons in human rights protection, equipping participants with a nuanced understanding of evolving challenges and opportunities.

Semaine 6

Semaine 6 addresses crucial aspects such as derogations, limitations, and absolute rights. Through interviews and comprehensive explanations, participants will gain insights into the complexities of applying restrictions to human rights, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the legal intricacies involved.

Semaine 7

During Semaine 7, participants will explore the characteristics of human rights implementation, preventive and subsequent control mechanisms, and interviews with distinguished experts in the field. The module offers a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted approaches to ensuring adherence to human rights standards.

Semaine 8

Semaine 8 delves into both contentious and non-contentious control mechanisms, follow-up on human rights compliance, and future prospects. Participants will gain insights into the evolving landscape of human rights oversight and the potential avenues for further advancements in this crucial domain.

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