Palliative Care: It's Not Just Hospice Anymore

University of Colorado System

Discover the essential elements of palliative care with the "Palliative Care: It's Not Just Hospice Anymore" course. Gain insights into evaluating and addressing suffering in serious illnesses, improving communication skills, managing pain and physical symptoms, and providing psychosocial and spiritual support.

  • Understand the nature of suffering in serious illnesses
  • Enhance communication skills with patients and families
  • Learn pain management techniques in palliative care
  • Assess and address physical symptoms and emotional responses
  • Provide psychosocial and spiritual support for patients and families

This comprehensive specialization equips you with the knowledge and skills to support individuals living with serious and life-limiting illnesses, promoting improved quality of life and holistic care.

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Palliative Care: It's Not Just Hospice Anymore
Course Modules

Explore the core concepts of palliative care, including understanding the nature of suffering, communication skills, pain management, symptom assessment, and psychosocial and spiritual support.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care: It's Not Just Hospice Anymore provides invaluable help for patients living with serious or life-limiting illnesses and their family caregivers. The course covers the nature of suffering, communication skills, and whole person assessment to develop a plan to support individuals with serious illnesses. Gain insights to immediately apply in your work with patients.

Pain Management: Easing Pain in Palliative Care

Develop a systems view for assessing and managing pain in the palliative care setting. This course equips you with the skills to describe the pain problem, assess a person's pain, and explain the benefits of integrative therapies and pharmacologic strategies to manage pain effectively.

Easing Physical Symptoms: It's Not Just Hospice Anymore

Discover how to use symptom assessment tools to understand and address distressing symptoms in people living with serious illnesses. Learn about the underlying causes and potential support strategies for symptoms such as anorexia, dyspnea, fatigue, delirium, and more. Enhance your skills to help individuals manage symptoms and emotional responses.

Psychosocial and Spiritual Aspects of Palliative Care

Understand the emotional and spiritual impact of serious illnesses and learn how to address emotional and spiritual well-being. Explore social concerns, resources, and skills to support patients and families. Gain insights into advance care planning, shared decision-making, and setting goals of care to provide comprehensive support.

Palliative Care Capstone Projects

The Capstone Course offers activities to put your learning into practice. Engage in conversations with individuals living with serious illnesses to assess suffering, explore values, conduct pain and physical symptom assessments, and discuss advance care planning. Earn the Coursera Specialization Certificate in Palliative Care and be prepared to support others effectively.

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