Emergency Care: Pregnancy, Infants, and Children

University of Colorado System

Welcome to the final course of lectures in your quest to master EMT basics. In this course, we will cover some of the highest-stress patient populations: pregnant patients and kids, also known as pediatrics. To wrap up your EMT knowledge we will end this course with information about hazmat situations, extricating patients from tight spots and finally how you write a note about your patient care. You will learn to ensure it communicates what your assessment of the patient was, what interventions you performed and why you did them. You will build on your knowledge of anatomy, patient assessment and scene safety to develop an approach to these new patient populations. We will walk through the things that make pregnant patients and pediatric patients different but also what makes them the same as all the patients you care for. Prepare yourself for some noisy kids, some uncomfortable moms and hopefully a lot of fun learning new things.

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Emergency Care: Pregnancy, Infants, and Children
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