Agile Leadership

University of Colorado System

Constant fast change has become a reality of our time. Agile Leadership course addresses this by providing a comprehensive understanding of Agile philosophy and its practical implementation. The course covers the neuroscience of change, social psychology, and change management, offering a holistic approach to becoming an Agile leader and transforming teams and organizations.

Throughout the course, participants will learn to apply Agile principles within their teams and organizations, develop change resilience at personal, team, and organizational levels, and navigate the transformation from traditional to Agile. The modules are designed to instill the knowledge and skills required to lead and facilitate change effectively.

By the end of the specialization, participants will be equipped to build change-resiliency within themselves, their teams, and their organizations and implement Agile practices to leverage maximum benefits.

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Agile Leadership
Course Modules

The course includes modules on Agile Leadership Introduction, Agile Leader Training, Developing an Agile Team, Agile Organization, and Agile Leadership Capstone. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Agile philosophy and practical tools for change management.

Agile Leadership: Introduction to Change

Describe how and why change management approaches emerged in the business world. Distill key characteristics of an agile leader and compare traditional and agile teams and organizations.

Agile Leader Training

Understand the neuroscience of change, deconstruct fears, identify a path forward, and apply tools for building a new mindset. Learn about positive psychology and its application for personal transformation.

Developing an Agile Team

Learn how to empathize, understand, and mentor individual team members. Understand human behavior in teams through social psychology, evaluate team resilience, and apply practical tools for building Agile teams using Scrum framework.

Agile Organization

Understand how to scale Agile, compare and select change theories, and develop a working knowledge of various change management theories.

Agile Leadership Capstone

Apply the parallel planning method, develop a strategy for personal, team, and organizational transformation, and create a plan for change implementation.

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