Pathway to Space

University of Colorado Boulder

Space, the final frontier. Many of us have heard this phrase in our lives but how many of us believed we could actually explore that frontier? Regardless of your major or area of expertise, if you are interested in being a part of space, the Pathway to Space specialization is for you. Our species has only scratched the surface of understanding the cosmos. To further our knowledge of the universe requires the skills and talents of all people. Enter this specialization saying, “I like space…” and exit it saying, “I better understand space and have an idea of the path I can take to be a part of its exploration.” Our journey together begins with Course 1: Our Place in the Cosmos where we cover how our species’s wonder about space led to our current understanding of the cosmos and tools used to gain that knowledge. Course 2: Getting There and Going Beyond covers what defines space and the ways we explore our solar system and beyond. Course 3: The Business, Politics, Policy, and Players of Space Programs explores the components, mechanisms, and people that bring space missions into reality. Course 4: Space is Everywhere explores how art, music, books, comics, movies, and more are influenced by our wonder and love for the cosmos. This specialization is taught in a fun and engaging way from the bridge of my spaceship studio, the “USS Pathway”, and is unlike any other course you’ve ever taken. So sign up, step on board the ship, and together we’ll discover your Pathway to Space.

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Pathway to Space
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