Design of High-Performance Optical Systems

University of Colorado Boulder

Explore the fascinating world of optical instruments and systems in the course "Design of High-Performance Optical Systems." Learn to understand and correct optical aberrations, enhance the performance of various optical instruments, and analyze high-performance systems using advanced mathematical tools. This course delves into the intricate nature of different wavelengths, aberrations in non-paraxial systems, and the impact of optical imperfections. It also offers insights into optical components beyond lenses and provides a detailed example of a high-performance optical system – the human eye.

Through a series of engaging modules, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of chromatic aberrations, ray aberrations, field curvature and distortion, techniques for reducing aberrations, and various optical components. The course predominantly relies on OpticStudio by Zemax, empowering you to analyze complex systems that go beyond conventional analysis techniques.

Upon completion, you'll be equipped with the skills to describe how different wavelengths propagate through optical systems, develop strategies for correcting aberrations, and understand the effects of optical imperfections, particularly in high-angle, non-paraxial systems. Whether you're interested in corrective eyewear, medical endoscopes, or advanced telescopes, this course provides a solid foundation in designing high-performance optical systems.

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Design of High-Performance Optical Systems
Course Modules

The course comprises modules covering chromatic aberrations, ray aberrations, field curvature and distortion, techniques for reducing aberrations, and optical components, providing a comprehensive understanding of high-performance optical systems.

Chromatic Aberrations

Explore the intriguing world of chromatic aberrations, understanding how different wavelengths propagate through optical systems and developing strategies for correcting these imperfections. Gain insights into the impact of aberrations on various applications and the nature of optical aberrations in high-angle, non-paraxial systems.

Ray Aberrations

Dive into the complexities of ray aberrations, including longitudinal ray aberrations, spherical aberration, coma, and astigmatism. Learn to identify and address these aberrations while gaining practical experience in designing with aberrations and understanding their impact on optical systems.

Field Curvature and Distortion

Delve into the intricacies of field curvature and distortion, exploring concepts such as Petzval wavefront error, Zernike polynomials, and the Strehl ratio. Gain practical experience in addressing field curvature and distortion through OpticStudio practice and comprehensive aberration practice.

Techniques for Reduction of Aberrations

Discover advanced techniques for reducing aberrations, including the stop-down system, bending the lens, refractive index, and field flattening. Gain insights into the impact of symmetry and negative power on aberrations, and explore practical applications of field lenses, conic mirrors, and reflective telescopes.

Optical Components

Explore the diverse range of optical components, from prisms and diffraction gratings to GRIN lenses and Fresnel lenses. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the performance and aberrations of the human eye, along with practical experience in analyzing optical components through OpticStudio and OSLO.

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