Arctic Meltdown

University of Colorado Boulder

This specialization delves into the physical geography and climate features of the Arctic, examining the transformative environmental changes and their interconnected impacts on ecosystems. Gain insight into the growing economic and strategic significance of the Arctic amidst observed environmental shifts.

  • Understand the Arctic's physical geography and climate elements.
  • Analyze rapid environmental changes and their implications.
  • Explore the economic and strategic importance of the Arctic.

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Arctic Meltdown
Course Modules

Embark on a journey through the "Arctic Meltdown" course, exploring the Arctic's history, rapid environmental changes, and growing economic and strategic relevance in a 3-module specialization.

Intro to the Arctic

Discover the long history and physical geography of the Arctic, including its major climate and environmental features. Gain insights into the Arctic's past and present.

Polar Peril

Uncover the rapid environmental changes in the Arctic, understand the processes driving these transformations, and assess future climate projections. Delve into the evidence for past climate changes.

The North Awakens

Explore the drivers behind the growing economic and strategic importance of the Arctic amidst environmental changes. Identify the impacts, both positive and negative, on the peoples of the North.

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