Active Learning in STEM with PhET Interactive Simulations

University of Colorado Boulder

Learn how to engage your students and enhance learning in math and science with free virtual labs and simulations from the University of Colorado Boulder's PhET Interactive Simulations project ( In this specialization, you will explore active learning strategies that you can incorporate into your own classroom, either online or in person. You will also learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of a learning experience by implementing a simulation-based lesson plan in your own classroom.\n\nFounded in 2002 by Nobel Prize winner in physics Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations project creates free simulations for science and mathematics that are based on extensive educational research on the design of virtual tools for education and how to successfully implement them in the classroom.\n\nThis specialization will take approximately 9 weeks and 45 working hours to complete and includes three courses:\n\n(1) Introduction to PhET Simulations for STEM Education\n\n(2) Activity Design with PhET simulations for STEM education\n\n(3) Implementation of PhET Activities for STEM education\n\nThis specialization is also available in Spanish under the name "Aprendizaje Activo STEM con Simulaciones Interactivas PhET."

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Active Learning in STEM with PhET Interactive Simulations
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