Python Basics: Interacting with the Internet

University of California, Davis

If you do not yet code and want to learn, this course is a great place to start. It will teach you how to use existing Python code to interact with data on the Internet in fun new ways. Instruction focuses on the conceptual basics of the programming language as it relates to working with online data. You'll be introduced to Python arithmetic operators, variables, values, and modules. At a higher level, you'll experience what an API is and how it works by playing with cat memes. Separate from the technical part of coding, there's the psychological part. Topic lectures will address the human side of code, and make you feel more prepared to see yourself as someone who uses code. You won’t code from scratch yourself, but will use prepared code to accomplish tasks and see how it works. Additional code demonstrations are available in the honors module of the course to provide broad exposure to Python interactions with internet data.

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Python Basics: Interacting with the Internet
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