Healthcare Data Literacy

University of California, Davis

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of healthcare data with the Healthcare Data Literacy course. Gain foundational insights into the evolving and complex processes of healthcare, exploring the growing significance of data analysts in this industry. Discover the Triple Aim, various healthcare data concepts, and the nuances of data representation in clinical systems. Uncover the intricacies of healthcare data types and sources, and delve into the critical aspects of data integration to address challenges unique to this domain.

  • Gain foundational insights into healthcare data
  • Explore the role of data analysts in the healthcare industry
  • Understand the Triple Aim and data-enabled healthcare drivers
  • Learn about different concepts and categories of healthcare data
  • Examine the complexities of data integration in healthcare

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Healthcare Data Literacy
Course Modules

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of healthcare data literacy through four modules. From understanding healthcare systems to delving into healthcare data and achieving conceptual harmony, this course provides a holistic view of data in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare 101

Module 1 introduces learners to the fundamental concepts of healthcare, including the context of human systems, healthcare systems, and the opportunities for improvement in the industry. Explore the complexities of healthcare systems around the world and discover opportunities to enhance healthcare in the US.

Concepts and Categories

Module 2 delves into the concepts and categories of healthcare data, covering ontologies, standard terminologies, diagnoses, and various information exchange standards. Engage in activities to explore ontologies and review medical terminologies.

Healthcare Data

Module 3 focuses on healthcare data, transitioning from concepts to data and exploring clinical, administrative, and genomic data. Gain insights into big data in healthcare and the various types of healthcare data.

Data and Conceptual Harmony

Module 4 addresses data and conceptual harmony, covering data archaeology, harmonization, integration, mapping, and entity resolution. Engage in solving healthcare challenges, exploring open data portals, and reflecting on the course content.

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