Mind of the Universe - Genetic Privacy: should we be concerned?

Universiteit Leiden

Embark on a thought-provoking exploration of genetic privacy in the "Mind of the Universe - Genetic Privacy" course. Delve into the ethical dilemmas surrounding the public disclosure of genetic information and its potential for eradicating genetic diseases.

Throughout the course, you'll critically reflect upon the ownership of genetic data, familial responsibilities, and the diverse perspectives of stakeholders, including corporations, researchers, consumers, and patients. This journey will encourage you to consider the cultural, philosophical, and political tensions inherent in the genetic privacy debate.

Uniquely, this course invites you to explore the intersection of art and genetic privacy, offering insights into how artistic expressions can enrich the discourse. You'll analyze the perspectives of various stakeholders, listen to interviews with experts, and engage in bioart projects to deepen your understanding.

By synthesizing your learnings, you'll craft a compelling policy recommendation, potentially influencing future regulations in this domain. This online learning experience is a spin-off of The Mind of the Universe documentary series and provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the ongoing debate around genetic privacy.

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Mind of the Universe - Genetic Privacy: should we be concerned?
Course Modules

Embark on a journey through modules designed to deepen your understanding of genetic privacy. From understanding genetic data practices to crafting policy advice, this course offers a comprehensive exploration.

What is on Your Mind?

Discover the importance of discussing genetic privacy and the practices of genetic data disclosure. Gain insights into the course's learning path and familiarize yourself with Leiden University.

Open up Your Mind

Explore the concept of genetic privacy and engage in an interview with George Church, delving into ethical dilemmas and the role of corporations in genetic technologies. Dive into the interview and analyze the insights provided.

Connect your mind

Investigate how art can enrich the debate around genetic privacy and explore its potential to disrupt traditional perspectives. Engage with bioartist Adam Zaretsky and participate in bioart projects to gain unique insights into genetic privacy.

Make up your mind

Listen to podcasts featuring different stakeholders, including the CEO of Hartwig Medical Foundation, a patient, and a mother of three, to understand their perspectives. Recap your learnings and grade each other's policy advice to gain a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder concerns.


Conclude your journey by exploring the webinar recording on policy recommendations and discover how to navigate the genetic future. Explore other learning experiences related to The Mind of the Universe documentary series.

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