Gestión del alcance: el qué de la triple restricción

Universidad de los Andes

Welcome to the course on Scope Management offered by Universidad de los Andes. Led by Gonzalo Vela, this 7-week program delves into the fundamental principles of defining project scope effectively, providing participants with the insights and tools to understand the benefits of complex projects, organize work plans, and define components, deliverables, and acceptance criteria. The course is a comprehensive academic space to learn, comprehend, and apply best practices and methods for scope definition, incorporating various pedagogical resources to grasp key project management concepts. By the end of the program, participants will be equipped to recognize the complexities of projects, comprehend their lifecycle stages, and employ appropriate processes for accurate scope definition. The knowledge and skills gained will enhance professional profiles, opening up new opportunities in the field of project planning. This course is backed by the high-quality standards upheld by Universidad de los Andes in its academic offerings.

  • Understand the fundamentals of defining project scope effectively
  • Learn to comprehend the benefits and organization of complex projects
  • Acquire skills to define project components, deliverables, and acceptance criteria
  • Explore best practices and methods for scope definition
  • Gain insights into the complexities of project lifecycles and suitable processes for scope definition

Embark on this enriching journey to enhance your project management skills and elevate your professional profile, facilitated by the credibility and expertise of Universidad de los Andes.

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Gestión del alcance: el qué de la triple restricción
Course Modules

This comprehensive course comprises 7 modules covering topics such as the introduction to project management, complexities of projects, project lifecycle, project formulation, triple constraint, scope definition, and work breakdown structure.


This module provides an introduction to the course, offering insights into what participants can expect and providing essential recommendations for success.

  • Explore the course outline and expectations
  • Receive recommendations for successful course completion

Introducción a la gestión de proyectos complejos

Delve into the complexities of projects and their strategic management models, gaining valuable insights through real-world case studies.

  • Explore the context of complex projects
  • Analyze strategic management models for projects
  • Engage with case studies on complex projects

El ciclo de vida de los proyectos

Understand the lifecycle of programs and projects, exploring different models and processes for project management, including the relationship between knowledge areas and process groups.

  • Explore lifecycle models for programs and projects
  • Understand the relationship between knowledge areas and process groups

Formulación del proyecto

Learn about project formulation, including the development of project charters, business cases, and benefit identification, essential for effective project planning and execution.

  • Understand the importance of project charters and business cases
  • Learn to identify project benefits and develop project roadmaps

La línea base

Explore the concept of the triple constraint in projects, understanding its significance and implications in project management, and its practical application through real-life scenarios.

  • Understand the triple constraint in project management
  • Analyze the triple constraint in real-life scenarios

Definición del alcance

Gain insights into scope definition, including the development of scope management plans, requirement gathering, and acceptance criteria, essential for effective scope management in complex projects.

  • Learn to develop scope management plans
  • Understand requirement gathering and acceptance criteria
  • Apply scope definition in a case study

La estructura de desagregación de trabajo EDT

Explore the concept of work breakdown structure (WBS) and its practical application through case studies, enabling effective project planning and execution.

  • Understand the importance of work breakdown structure
  • Apply WBS through case studies
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