Academic Skills for University Success

The University of Sydney

Develop essential academic skills for university success with this high-level course designed to prepare students for undergraduate study in an English-speaking university.

  • Enhance information & digital literacy
  • Refine problem-solving and critical thinking abilities
  • Improve communication skills for academic contexts
  • Capstone project to apply learned skills in real-world problems

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Academic Skills for University Success
Course Modules

This course comprises modules on Information & Digital Literacy, Problem-Solving Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Communication Skills, and a Capstone Project to apply learned skills.

Information & Digital Literacy for University Success

This module focuses on developing information & digital literacy skills essential for university studies. Students will learn to efficiently access and evaluate information, manage sources, and understand ethical issues related to academic integrity.

Problem-Solving Skills for University Success

Students will learn to recognize and apply analytical and creative problem-solving techniques within academic contexts, refine their critical thought in creative ideation, and apply these skills to real-life contexts.

Critical Thinking Skills for University Success

In this module, students will enhance their critical thinking skills, learning to use various thinking tools, identify types of arguments and bias, and apply evidence to support claims in arguments within academic contexts.

Communication Skills for University Success

Develop communication skills across various contexts, including spoken, written, visual, and conversational modes, and effectively formulate arguments and communicate research findings. Students will also engage in constructive and critical dialogue.

Academic Skills for University Success: Capstone

In the Capstone Project, students will apply their academic skills to research, write, and present a project proposal addressing a complex, real-world problem related to their field of interest or future study.

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