Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology

The State University of New York

Embark on a journey to understand the transformative power of digital manufacturing and design technology with this comprehensive specialization. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this program offers insight into the new landscape of manufacturing, from digital processes to the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Developed in collaboration with industry experts, the nine-course series delves into the digital revolution and its impact on manufacturing careers and practices.

Throughout the program, you'll explore the concept of the digital thread, gain an understanding of how digital advances are reshaping product design and manufacturing, and learn about the integration of digital technologies in the manufacturing supply chain. From advanced analysis of manufacturing processes to the implementation of intelligent machining and cyber security measures, this specialization equips learners with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the evolving landscape of digital manufacturing and design technology.

By the end of the specialization, you'll create a roadmap to achieve your personal goals in the digital manufacturing and design profession, providing a tangible element to enhance your professional portfolio and showcase your expertise in Industry 4.0.

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Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology
Course Modules

The nine-course Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology specialization provides comprehensive coverage of digital manufacturing, encompassing Industry 4.0, digital thread, IoT, and big data.

Digital Manufacturing & Design

This course introduces the shift from paper-based to digital processes in the manufacturing industry, exploring the impact of digital manufacturing and design (DM&D) on careers and practices. Through lectures, readings, and discussions, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the role of technology and its transformative effects on the industry.

Digital Thread: Components

Delve into the digital thread, the backbone of the DM&D transformation, and explore opportunities to leverage it in turning manufacturing processes from paper-based to digital-based. Gain insights into the flow of information and its impact on product development cycles, as well as the potential for greater flexibility in a company's operations.

Digital Thread: Implementation

Explore the implementation of the digital thread and its impact on product design and manufacturing processes worldwide. Hear from industry experts about the realities of implementing the digital thread and the benefits and limitations of enacting it across different areas of a company's operations.

Advanced Manufacturing Process Analysis

This course delves into the importance of advanced analysis of manufacturing processes to improve yields and reduce costs. Gain insights into data collection, preparation, and analysis, as well as the computational platforms used to process data over sustained periods of time.

Intelligent Machining

Discover how manufacturers are increasingly utilizing machine tools that are self-aware, and the integration of smart sensors and controls to improve productivity. Gain a primer on intelligent machining, including various sensors and sensing techniques, process control strategies, and open architecture systems.

Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise

Learn about the operational complexity of enterprises and the integration of data throughout the manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle. Discover the tools, technologies, and techniques for aggregation and integration of data, aiding in design, planning, and production scheduling.

Cyber Security in Manufacturing

Understand the security needs of digital manufacturing and design and the application of information security systems. Gain valuable insights into performing a risk assessment of operational and information technology assets, and implementing controls to mitigate identified risks.

MBSE: Model-Based Systems Engineering

This course brings together the concepts from across digital manufacturing and design, forming a vision where the model resulting from system requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation is the focus of design and manufacturing. Gain an understanding of systems engineering and the model-based approach to design and manufacturing.

Roadmap to Success in Digital Manufacturing & Design

Create a roadmap to achieve your personal goals related to the digital manufacturing and design profession, showcasing your knowledge of Industry 4.0 and providing a tangible element to include in your professional portfolio.

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