Applied Digital Literacy

The State University of New York

This Specialization is intended for anyone seeking to develop online, internet researching skills along with advanced knowledge of multimedia for the creation of digital objects such as presentations, infographics, posters, commercials, podcasts, and movies. Through these three courses, learners will cover how to identify their information need, understand which tools to use when fulfilling that need, employ advanced search techniques and tools in various types of information platforms (databases, websites, government repositories, and libraries to name a few), and how to organize the information they find using open data management tools like Endnote and Zotero. In addition, learners explore not only finding and ethically using multimedia but also how to create visually compelling digital artifacts for their personal and professional use. All of these skills will prepare them to conduct effective research (business, academic, and personal) and present it to appropriate audiences using aesthetically impactful media.\n\nIn addition to earning a certificate from Coursera for each course and for the specialization, you'll also receive a Micro-Credential Digital Badge from the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York recognizing your accomplishment. Use your verified digital badge to promote your achievement online, and access job insights related to your new skills.

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Applied Digital Literacy
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