Advanced Information Literacy

The State University of New York

This course is designed to enhance learners' search skills and expertise in information literacy concepts. Participants will explore various forms of scholarship, learn to cite sources, strategically explore and map the information landscape, and develop a final digital project. By earning a certificate and digital badge, learners can showcase their advanced information literacy competencies.

  • Enhance search skills and information literacy expertise
  • Explore various forms of scholarship
  • Learn to cite sources
  • Strategically explore and map the information landscape
  • Develop a final digital project

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Advanced Information Literacy
Course Modules

Enhance your information literacy skills through modules focused on understanding scholarship, citing sources, exploring the information landscape, mapping information sources, and developing a final project.

Understand various forms and expertise of scholarship

Welcome to Module 1 where you will explore various forms and expertise of scholarship. Learn to evaluate resources, understand open access, and navigate the global politics of (mis)information. Reasoning exercises and quizzes will reinforce your learning.

Cite scholarship to give proper attribution

In Module 2, you will delve into the proper attribution of scholarship. Understand the importance of citing references, explore citation styles, and practice using tools like Endnote and Zotero to attribute multimedia. Reasoning exercises and quizzes will solidify your knowledge.

Strategically explore the information landscape

Module 3 focuses on strategically exploring the information landscape. You will develop research topics, create synonyms, and learn advanced search strategies. Engage in brainstorming exercises and build your search skills through the module's activities and quizzes.

Map the information landscape

Module 4 will guide you in mapping the information landscape. Explore various sources, including encyclopedias, magazine articles, journal articles, government sources, and books. Engage in reasoning exercises and activities to enhance your information mapping skills.

Final Project

In the Final Project module, you will develop and present a digital object that showcases your advanced information literacy skills. This module provides an opportunity for independent work, culminating in a final reflection on your learning journey.

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