Advanced Information Literacy

The State University of New York

This course is designed to build upon a learner's search skills and expertise in the information literacy concepts that underpin scholarship at college or university. This badge incentivizes them to continue improving their information literacy competencies over their academic and workplace career. By participating in this course, one can use these advanced search skills to save time conducting literature reviews, efficiently gather and organize information, ethically use sources, and protect their own intellectual property. Learners will work independently on a topic of their choosing and receive feedback from their peers throughout the process. The modules build on each other and provide learners with a framework (project outline). The final project is disseminated as a digital object that exemplifies the learner’s status as an emerging scholar or professional. The modules are self-paced, the estimated completion time for each module is 2 hours. The content within each module can be paused at any time, with the exception of the quiz at the end of each module. In addition to earning a certificate from Coursera for this course, you'll also receive a Micro-Credential Digital Badge from the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York recognizing your accomplishment. Use your verified digital badge to promote your achievement online, and access job insights related to your new skills. Upon completion of each individual course and the complete Specialization, you will receive an email from Coursera with directions on how to claim your badge. Payment or participation through an official Coursera promotional offer is required to have full access to the course and to qualify for the Coursera Certificate and Digital Badge.

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Advanced Information Literacy
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