Mastering Statics

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Mastering Statics is a fundamental course in Mechanics, essential for various engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, architecture, and mechanical engineering. In this comprehensive course, students will delve into the principles of statics, equilibrium, and internal forces in structures. The content is delivered using a light board, offering an engaging and interactive learning experience online.

Throughout the course, learners will explore topics including understanding forces and moments, equivalent systems of forces and equilibrium, stability and static determinacy, trusses, area properties and moments of inertia, and internal force diagrams. The course also provides practical applications, making it relevant to diverse fields beyond engineering, such as archaeology, dentistry, and orthopedic surgery.

Upon completion, students will possess the knowledge required to calculate reaction forces and internal forces in structures, enabling them to design and size foundations and structural members effectively to ensure safety and serviceability.

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Mastering Statics
Course Modules

Mastering Statics offers a comprehensive exploration of key topics including understanding forces and moments, equivalent systems of forces and equilibrium, stability and static determinacy, trusses, area properties and moments of inertia, and internal force diagrams.

Understanding Forces and Moments

This module provides a foundation in understanding forces and moments, covering topics such as vectors, dot product, cross product, and the application of mix or triple product. It also includes a quiz and a meet and greet session to engage learners effectively.

Equivalent Systems of Forces and Equilibrium

Equipped with an understanding of equivalent systems of forces and equilibrium, students will explore topics such as reactions at different supports, equilibrium of rigid bodies, and the analysis of 2-force and 3-force members. The module includes a comprehensive quiz to reinforce learning.

Stability and Static Determinacy

This module delves into stability and static determinacy, discussing concepts such as stability from both a static and kinematic point of view. Learners will gain insights into analyzing the stability of multiple rigid bodies and will engage in a quiz to test their understanding.


Trusses are a key focus of this module, covering the introduction to different types of trusses, the method of joints, and the method of sections. The module includes a quiz to assess the application of these concepts in truss analysis.

Area properties and Moments of Inertia

Area properties and moments of inertia are explored in this module, addressing topics such as centroid, distributed loading, theorems of Pappus-Guldinus, and moments of inertia for various geometric shapes. Learners will engage in a quiz to reinforce their understanding.

Internal Force Diagrams

This module provides an in-depth exploration of internal force diagrams, covering axial force, shear force, and bending moment diagrams. Learners will gain proficiency in drawing and understanding these essential diagrams for structural analysis.

Static Analysis of a Structure

Concluding the course, this module focuses on the static analysis of a structure based on internal force diagrams. It covers the analysis of joints in frames and the major steps involved in performing a static analysis of a structure. Learners will engage in a post-course survey and a final quiz to evaluate their understanding.

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