English for Effective Business Writing

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This comprehensive course, "English for Effective Business Writing," is designed to elevate your Business English writing abilities and prepare you to create professional business documents. Through a blend of grammar, vocabulary, and genre-specific writing skills, you will gain the expertise to write persuasive business emails, executive summaries, and memos. The course emphasizes adapting content to purpose, context, and audience, ensuring your writing is suited for professional settings and cross-cultural communications.

  • Enhance Business English writing skills
  • Develop vocabulary and grammar proficiency
  • Learn different business writing genres
  • Produce professional business documents
  • Write persuasive business emails and executive summaries
  • Adapt content to purpose, context, and audience

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English for Effective  Business Writing
Course Modules

This course is organized into six modules that cover a wide array of topics, including business writing genres, email writing, memo writing, and executive summaries. Each module is designed to enhance specific aspects of Business English writing skills, providing learners with the necessary expertise to excel in professional communication and document production.

Welcome Module

Module 1 provides an introduction to the course, outlining its organization and objectives. It also covers essential aspects such as learning vocabulary, grammar, and how the course is relevant to learners. This module sets the foundation for the subsequent modules by establishing the fundamental principles of effective Business English writing.

Business writing genres

Module 2 delves into various business writing genres, including business letters, memos, emails, and reports. It also focuses on the writing process, challenging grammar, vocabulary, and style, ensuring that learners grasp the intricacies of different business writing formats and develop the necessary skills to excel in each genre.

Writing emails

Module 3 is dedicated to writing effective emails, emphasizing context, directness, and persuasion. Learners are guided through the process of crafting persuasive emails, understanding rhetorical devices, and refining their email writing skills through peer-review practices and vocabulary quizzes.

Writing memos

Module 4 focuses on writing memos, covering audience, purpose, tone, plain English, gender-sensitive language, and active and passive voice. Learners engage in peer-review practices, vocabulary quizzes, and exercises aimed at honing their memo writing proficiency and understanding the impact of communication styles.

Writing executive summaries

Module 5 explores the art of writing executive summaries, including elements, data presentation, nominalization, and general organization. Learners are encouraged to refine their executive summary writing skills through peer-review practices, vocabulary quizzes, and the creation of an executive summary for a proposal.

Concluding module

Module 6 serves as the concluding module, bringing together the key takeaways from the course and reinforcing the essential skills acquired. It provides a comprehensive summary of the course, ensuring that learners leave with a strong grasp of Business English writing and its application in professional settings.

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