Design and innovation of business model

Tecnológico de Monterrey

The core of Business Model Design lies in skills and leadership of the entrepreneurial manager. It requires a disciplined approach to seeking opportunities, as well as gathering and aligning resources to achieve important goals. In this course, students will strengthen two important skills: intuition and visual thinking, while applying quantitative methods learned in other courses, such as Finance, Economics and Financial Intelligence. The focus of this course is on four pillars: 1. Observation as a key element to discover business patterns. 2. The organization of complexity, the art of synthesis using visual thinking, mapping and system design. 3. The concept of white space as "potential activities not defined or mentioned in the current business model". 4. Storytelling and establishing contact. Observation is a key aspect of discovering business patterns. Students will learn, through different cases and methodologies - some already seen - how to identify key elements of a business model. This includes the nature of an integrated business company in which we define the Business Model. What would be different if managers thought like designers? Although many business people appreciate the power of design, a formal process for practicing it has been elusive - until now. In this course, the goal is to find a way to organize complexity, the art of synthesis using visual thinking, mapping, and system design, to connect elements as diverse as ideas, resources, transactions, values, and networks. According to Mark Johnson, the blank space refers to "potential activities not defined or mentioned in the company's current business model; that is, the opportunities that exist outside its core and beyond its adjacencies; that require a different business model to be able to take advantage of them." An important component of Business Model Design and Innovation is Storytelling and establishing contact. Using technology to connect with the audience is key. As part of the deliverables to be rated, entrepreneurial leaders should know about social media and technology-driven content, concentrating both on modeling how to use these technologies to connect and communicate with others, and how to achieve passion through networks.

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Design and innovation of business model
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