Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack

SV Academy & Salesforce

Discover how to enhance sales productivity through the "Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack" course. Uncover the latest tech tools used in the sales workforce and learn to optimize your workflow. From understanding CRM principles to formulating bulletproof outreach strategies, this course equips you with the essential skills for a successful career in the non-technical side of the tech industry.

  • Examine and navigate the tech stack and stay up-to-date on the latest tech tools used in the tech sales workforce
  • Understand the basic principles of customer relation management (CRM) tools and how to use them effectively as part of your workflow
  • Use sales intelligence tools to find prospects and optimize your workflow
  • Formulate bulletproof outreach strategies to engage with prospective customers

This course is designed for individuals who are motivated to grow personally and professionally, hunger for feedback and coaching, and have successfully completed the previous courses in this training. Join this course and elevate your sales development skills to the next level.

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Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack
Course Modules

Embark on a comprehensive journey through five modules, covering tech tool basics, Salesforce integration, sales intelligence optimization, sales engagement strategies, and leveraging social media and video prospecting tools. Gain the essential skills to boost productivity in the tech sales workforce.

Tech Tool Basics for Sales Development

Discover the fundamentals of tech tools for sales development, including insights into turbocharging the SDR workflow, integrating tech tools, and staying updated with the evolving tech stack. Embrace the syllabus and practice quizzes to solidify your understanding.

Ground Your Workflow with Salesforce

Ground your workflow with Salesforce by mastering CRM tools, exploring Trailhead, understanding the basics of Sales Cloud, and leveraging AI for transforming the sales experience. Engage with practical guides and graded quizzes to enhance your skills.

Optimize Your Workflow with Sales Intelligence Tools

Optimize your workflow with sales intelligence tools by learning about data enrichment, call analysis, power dialers, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Overcome obstacles and solidify your skills through practice and graded quizzes.

Strategize, Interact, and Track with Sales Engagement Tools

Strategize, interact, and track with sales engagement tools, understanding outreach management, and concrete strategies for effective sales engagement. Test your knowledge with practice and graded quizzes to refine your skills.

Create Leverage with Social Media and Video Prospecting Tools

Create leverage with social media and video prospecting tools, mastering social selling, LinkedIn strategies, and utilizing video prospecting effectively. Engage with the mock company and peer review to enhance your proficiency.

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