The Entrepreneurial Career: Taking Risks and Putting Your Plan into Action

Stanford University
Course Lectures
  • Working with Great People
    Gregory Waldorf

    Waldorf underlines the importance of collaborating with great people; people with qualities similar to those of good teachers or bosses. Once the right set of people is found, the company can function better on its own, he says.

  • Waldorf believes it is important to be self directed and follow one's passion. Assessing risk, having success in past endeavors, and finding good people can mitigate the effect of following the path less traveled.

  • Waldorf believes that in an entrepreneurial career, nothing plays out as expected. Being flexible and willing to adapt to new things is the key to success.

  • It takes time to find the right career. You should not work on something you are not passionate about, says Waldorf. Instead, he emphasizes that people should work on a cause that they really care about.

  • Waldorf believes it is important to grab opportunities as they come instead of waiting for the right moment. It is not an easy path, he notes. For this reason, he says an entrepreneurial career is not for everyone.