Mozilla: Community-Based Organizations

Stanford University
Course Lectures
  • Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla, talks about how Firefox played a significant role in changing the consumer side of the Internet. She describes how Mozilla is a key contributor in moving the Internet towards a more complete space. She also explains how the Mozilla project made the Internet serve as a platform for application development.

  • Baker talks about the fundamental difference in the ultimate goal of Mozilla from other industry players. It is to maximize the Internet as an open platform and not to maximize revenue, she says.

  • Baker talks about her different roles at Mozilla, beginning with a position as a lawyer writing a public license that governs the Mozilla project. She describes her progress to a General Manager, board member and finally the CEO of the Mozilla Corporation.

  • Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla, describes the richness in decision-making authority that one is endowed with while working in a community-based organization like Mozilla. She talks about the freedom that one gets while working in such a setting, starting from picking the team to the end goal. She also explains how Mozilla tries to incentivize people by articulating their vision.