Meaningful Entrepreneurship: Alternative Energy Vehicles

Stanford University
Course Lectures
  • Do Something Meaningful
    Martin Eberhard

    Martin Eberhard talks about his first lesson - Do Something Meaningful. Martin believed that he would be successful only he worked on something that he really cared about. He believed that providing a solution to oil consumption was an issue that needed attention. He talks about how he began his journey by building a solution to this immensely important world economic problem.

  • Martin Eberhard discusses the shortfalls of using Solar Energy as a key component in manufacturing a car. He believes that using fuel-cells to drive cars is a huge stretch in imagination. He finally notes that a mix of plug-in hybrid and gasoline is a viable idea for an interim solution for alternative energy sources to drive a car.

  • Martin Eberhard talks about the distribution plan for the new Electric Car. He mentions the restrictions and legal constraints for selling a car through a dealer. He believes direct distribution coupled with a gradual increase in the number of stores would be a critical factor in getting the electric car to the market. He finally notes that this strategy is easier than selling into an existing franchise.