Maintaining Focus as an Entrepreneur

Stanford University
Course Lectures
  • Advent of Podcasting
    Evan Williams

    Evan Williams, co-founder of Pyra Labs, creators of Blogger, talks about podcasting and how it started. He believes that due to the "webification" of audio, podcasting has become exciting and popular.

  • Future of Podcasting
    Evan Williams

    Williams believes that podcasting has just begun and that it is going to grow in the coming years. He explains that people are now only in the 'geocities' phase where they know how to access content but do not know why to do so or do so on an ongoing basis.

  • Dealing with Competition
    Evan Williams

    Williams gives his views on the evolving competitive landscape in podcasting. He believes that in a new, emerging market, it is about 'growing the pie' and bringing many players into the market to educate the people about the impact and usefulness of the new technology.

  • Williams advices budding entrepreneurs to start small and think big. You should start with something small and something that you care about, he says. Smaller problems can be solved faster and can be eventually scaled into a big company, he adds.

  • Learning from Failure
    Evan Williams

    Williams talks about some of his biggest failures and what he learned from them. One of the things he has learned is the importance of building, collaborating and motivating a team.

  • Maintaining Focus
    Evan Williams

    Williams believes that one of the challenges he faced from very early on was of maintaining focus. He explains that he now has to be more disciplined due to various external diversions.

  • Williams believes that entrepreneurship can be taught as it is a combination of skills and intense desires that drive a person to overcome challenges.