Introduction to Robotics

Stanford University

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to basics of modeling, design, planning, and control of robot systems. In essence, the material treated in this course is a brief survey of relevant results from geometry, kinematics, statics, dynamics, and control. The course is presented in a standard format of lectures, readings and problem sets. Lectures will be based mainly, but not exclusively, on material in the Lecture Notes. Lectures will follow roughly the same sequence as the material presented in the notes, so it can be read in anticipation of the lectures. Topics: robotics foundations in kinematics, dynamics, control, motion planning, trajectory generation, programming and design. Prerequisites: matrix algebra.

Course Lectures
  • Course Overview
    Oussama Khatib

    Course Overview, History of Robotics Video, Robotics Applications, Related Stanford Robotics Courses, Lecture and Reading Schedule, Manipulator Kinematics, Manipulator Dynamics, Manipulator Control, Manipulator Force Control, Advanced Topics

  • Spatial Descriptions
    Oussama Khatib

    Spatial Descriptions, Generalized Coordinates, Operational Coordinates, Rotation Matrix, Example - Rotation Matrix, Translations, Example - Homogeneous Transform, Operators, General Operators

  • Homogeneous Transform Interpretations, Compound Transformations, Spatial Descriptions, Rotation Representations, Euler Angles, Fixed Angles, Example - Singularities, Euler Parameters, Example - Rotations

  • Manipulator Kinematics
    Oussama Khatib

    Manipulator Kinematics, Link Description, Link Connections, Denavit-Hartenberg Parameteres, Summary - DH Parameters, Example - DH Table, Forward Kinematics

  • Summary - Frame Attachment, Example - RPRR Manipulator, Stanford Scheinman Arm, Stanford Scheinman Arm - DH Table, Forward Kinematics, Stanford Scheinman Arm - T-Matrices, Stanford Scheinman Arm - Final Results

  • Instantaneous Kinematics
    Oussama Khatib

    Instantaneous Kinematics, Jacobian, Jacobians - Direct Differentiation, Example 1, Scheinman Arm, Basic Jacobian, Position Representations, Cross Product Operator, Velocity Propagation, Example 2

  • Jacobian - Explicit Form
    Oussama Khatib

    Jacobian - Explicit Form, Jacobian Jv / Jw, Jacobian in a Frame, Jacobian in Frame {0}, Scheinman Arm, Scheinman Arm - Jacobian, Kinematic Singularity

  • Scheinman Arm - Demo
    Oussama Khatib

    Scheinman Arm - Demo, Kinematic Singularity, Example - Kinematic Singularity, Puma Simulation, Resolved Rate Motion Control, Angular/Linear - Velocities/Forces, Velocity/Force Duality, Virtual Work, Example

  • Intro - Guest Lecturer: Gregory Hager, Overview - Computer Vision, Computational Stereo, Stereo-Based Reconstruction, Disparity Maps, SIFT Feature Selection, Tracking Cycle, Face Stabilization Video, Future Challenges

  • Guest Lecturer: Krasimir Kolarov, Trajectory Generation - Basic Problem, Cartesian Planning, Cubic Polynomial, Finding Via Point Velocities, Linear Interpolation, Higher Order Polynomials, Trajectory Planning with Obstacles

  • Joint Space Dynamics
    Oussama Khatib

    Joint Space Dynamics, Newton-Euler Algorithm, Inertia Tensor, Example, Newton-Euler Equations, Lagrange Equations, Equations of Motion

  • Lagrange Equations
    Oussama Khatib

    Lagrange Equations, Equations of Motion, Kinetic Energy, Equations of Motion - Explicit Form, Centrifugal and Coriolis Forces, Christoffel Symbols, Mass Matrix, V Matrix, Final Equation of Motion

  • Control - Overview
    Oussama Khatib

    Control - Overview, Joint Space Control, Resolved Motion Rate Control, Natural Systems, Dissipative Systems, Example, Passive System Stability

  • PD Control
    Oussama Khatib

    PD Control, Control Partitioning, Motion Control, Disturbance Rejection, Steady-State Error, PID Control, Effective Inertia

  • Manipulator Control
    Oussama Khatib

    Manipulator Control, PD Control Stability, Task Oriented Control, Task Oriented Equations of Motion, Operational Space Dynamics, Example, Nonlinear Dynamic Decoupling, Trajectory Tracking

  • Compliance
    Oussama Khatib

    Compliance, Force Control, Dynamics, Task Description, Historical Robotics, Stanford Human-Safe Robot, Task Posture and Control, Multi-Contact Whole-Body Control