How Do You Find Your Passion and How Do You Pursue It?

Stanford University
Course Lectures
  • Komisar explains that consultants are not in the position of obtaining the level of intimacy with a company that builds confidence in decision making. Strategy consulting exists because senior management wants their strategy to be accepted by a board of directors. Contrastingly, Komisar's role is to come up with bold ideas and steer the direction of the company.

  • To find companies to work with, Komisar engages in a sort of dating process.First, the company has to be referred to him by a trusted source.Second, he holds a meeting in order to get to know the person and find out what they are trying to do with the business.Komisar is only interested if the business is an interesting opportunity and the person is someone who has merit and can make a difference.This process of getting to know the founder can take months before Komisar is willing to commit.

  • According to Komisar, globalization needs to be part of the tool set for every entrepreneur doing a start-up today. This doesn't mean immediately going global, but understanding the global market and having a plan for the future, he adds.

  • Komisar sees social entrepreneurship is taking off.There is a group of highly motivated people wanting to make a difference but who are not as concerned with making money and are creating drastic innovations in business models.There is an incredible level of commitment from these folks and hopefully a bright future ahead of them, he adds.