Health After Cancer: Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care

Stanford University

This course presents basic principles of cancer survivorship to primary-care physicians. Developed by a team of experts in caring for cancer survivors, and narrated by a primary-care physician, this course provides practical tips and tools that can be easily integrated into medical practice. You will learn about the complex physical and psychosocial needs and concerns of the growing number of cancer survivors, along with the key role that primary care physicians have in guiding these patients back to health, after cancer. Materials include story-based videos where you will meet four patients with diverse needs in their care after recovery for cancer; printable reference guides for clinical care, communication, and resources; as well as additional optional cases for extended learning. This self-paced course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. If you are interested in taking this course for CME credit, please visit the course site at Stanford Center for Continuing Medical Education located here:

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Health After Cancer: Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care
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