Great Products Are Not Enough

Stanford University
Course Lectures
  • Greg suggests that a good product is a solid foundation, but not enough to guarantee success. He illustrates his point using the examples of Betamax, and his own experience in competing with NVIDIA.

  • As a seasoned Silicon Valley CEO, Greg states that one of the most important aspects of business is customer service. While this is often the most neglected, and the first to be cut when money is sparse, Greg suggests that saving money on providing great customer service is not a smart move.

  • An important lesson that Greg learned during his extensive career was to treat everyone with respect. He states that the business world is in fact a small world, and one is likely to interact with the same people many times. It is very important to be respectful of those senior and junior to you.

  • Greg states that the most corrosive thing that can happen in a company is to have a debate continue after the decision has been made. He suggests that people who are supportive of decisions which they were against are very valuable to an organization.

  • Follow Your Values
    Greg Ballard

    Greg recounts scenarios where he could have made a little more money by abandoning his value system; however, he is happier for having stuck to his values. He suggests that the best way to make such decisions is to think about what the right thing to do is, and then do it.

  • Work Life Balance
    Greg Ballard

    As someone who has spent more than his fair sharing working, Greg gives insight into how he maintains a strong work-life balance. He stresses the importance of prioritization and communication.

  • First to Market
    Greg Ballard

    Greg draws on his experiences at 3Dfx and GluMobile and states that being first to market is not necessarily an advantage. He suggests that it is often better to be second and thus learn from the mistakes of the previous entrants.

  • Creativity in Business
    Greg Ballard

    Greg suggests that there are many ways that creativity can manifest itself in business: from business strategy to product design to a clever marketing campaign. He states that a successful business requires creativity in all aspects of its operations.