Axion: Selling a Venture, Managing Board Relationships, Managing Intellectual Property

Stanford University
Course Lectures
  • Michael Goldberg, General Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures and Founder of Axion Inc., discusses his transition from being a venture capitalist to an entrepreneur. He left the venture capital industry to found a company. As a sole founder, he encourages everybody to start a company with at least one co-founder because it entails a difficult and lonely path.

  • Selling a Venture
    Michael Goldberg

    Goldberg talks about the point when he sold the company that he had built for nine years. He goes on to reveal that he would do the same thing then if he knew what he knows today. He says he was happy he sold the company to a bigger company who earned larger revenues on it.

  • Role of Boards
    Michael Goldberg

    Being on the boards of various companies, Goldberg gives his perspective and a sense of the flavor of what happens in board rooms and the roles of different types of boards.

  • Goldberg talks about what happens when there is a conflict between board members and the management team in terms of the direction of the company.

  • Goldberg talks about how understanding the importance of intellectual property, patents, trademarks and copyrights is essential in today's industries.

  • Career Advice
    Michael Goldberg

    Goldberg advises students and young-budding entrepreneurs to follow their passions. You have to be passionate for your company to be able to persist and face the failures that come along the way, he says.

  • Patenting Genes
    Michael Goldberg

    Goldberg gives his views on whether genes should be patented along with an insight into open source biology.