AgraQuest: Creating Need for Your Product

Stanford University

Pam Marrone, founder of AgraQuest, offers insights into how she built a successful biotechnology company from the ground up.

Course Lectures
  • Pam Marrone, founder and former Chairman/CEO of AgraQuest Inc., talks about how she turned her childhood passion and love for bugs into a lifelong commitment that led her to found AgraQuest.

  • Marrone describes the impact of AgraQuest on the global bio-pesticide market.

  • Overview of AgraQuest
    Pam Marrone

    Marrone gives an overview of AgraQuest and talks about how the company has differentiated itself in the pesticide industry.

  • Marrone faced a lot of skepticism and obstacles while developing AgraQuest's products. She overcame these barriers by demonstrating the effectiveness of her product on the fields of farmers as well as hiring hungry dogs as salespeople to push the product into the market.

  • The Product Vision
    Pam Marrone

    Marrone formed focus groups to change policies to ammend incorrect artificial testing procedures carried out by academic scientists to test the efficacy of AgraQuest's product.

  • Marrone reveals that the trick to making the adoption curve steeper and faster is to focus the product on an unmet need where there is little competition.

  • Marrone advices to always plan for disaster and to be in a position of strength while negotiating.

  • Lessons Learned
    Pam Marrone

    Marrone shares the lessons that she learned at AgraQuest. She strongly believes in a diverse, trustworthy workforce and hiring people who believe in the product.

  • Marrone discusses why working at AgraQuest is better than working at any other company.