Adaptive Path: Creating Meaning for Employees

Stanford University

Janice Fraser, founding partner and CEO of the consumer experience consulting firm, Adaptive Path, offers insight into the leadership qualities paramount to the success of her company.

Course Lectures
  • Choosing Your Partners
    Janice Fraser

    Janice Fraser, CEO and a founding partner of Adaptive Path, believes one should choose partners based on who you want to go to when the going gets rough. She talks about the importance of a solid partnership.

  • Coping with Failures
    Janice Fraser

    Fraser believes being an entrepreneur is not a job but a mission. On this journey towards achieveing this mission, you are going to be faced with failures and successes, she says. It is the failures that inform the successes, she adds.

  • Protecting the Culture
    Janice Fraser

    Fraser calls culture the software of her company. She believes it is very important to protect and care for the culture of a company when it is evolving past its nascent stage.

  • Fraser believes that besides creating meaning for the world, an entrepreneurial venture should be able to create meaning for the people who comprise it as well. In this regard, people are able to passionately and zealously work toward making the company and product successful.

  • Decision-making
    Janice Fraser

    The efficiency of decision-making is very important to the management of any company. Fraser calls it a kind of 3-legged stool of responsibility, accountability and authority.

  • Alignment and People
    Janice Fraser

    Fraser believes alignment is the underlying principle to everthing we do. The work has to be fulfilling for the people who work in entreprenuerial ventures, she says. It is important to create an environment where people can excel.

  • Fraser discusses her experience as a non-technical person heading a technology driven company. She strongly believes that every manager should be able to lead people who are unlike them to have a successful company.