Physics 102 - Magnetic Fields and Faraday's Law

Rice University

This course serves as an introduction to the physics of electricity and magnetism. Upon completion, learners will have an understanding of how the forces between electric charges are described by fields, and how these fields are related to electrical circuits. They will gain experience in solving physics problems with tools such as graphical analysis, algebra, vector analysis, and calculus. The course follows the typical progression of topics of a first-semester university physics course: charges, electric forces, electric fields potential, magnetic fields, currents, magnetic moments, electromagnetic induction, and circuits. Each module contains reading links to a free textbook, complete video lectures, conceptual quizzes, and a set of homework problems. Once the modules are completed, the course ends with an exam. This comprehensive course series is similar in detail and rigor to what is taught on-campus. It will thoroughly prepare learners for their upcoming introductory physics courses, or more advanced courses in physics.

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Physics 102  - Magnetic Fields and Faraday's Law
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