Econometrics for Economists and Finance Practitioners

Queen Mary University of London

This Specialisation provides rigorous training in econometric methods, via the exploration of theoretical concepts, real-data examples and the application of econometric techniques to industry relevant questions.\n\nThe methodologies in this Specialisation are an important part of an informed economics and financial decision-making process. You will learn:\n\n- How to test economics and finance theories, as well as hypotheses on the relationships between variables. - Study the behaviour of prices, returns, growth and unemployment. - Effectively analyse the impact of macroeconomic changes on economic growth and performance, and forecast the future values of economic variables. Through deep exploration of the modern techniques, applications and possibilities made available by the latest advances in econometrics, you will be ready to use these successfully and navigate the associated risks. This Specialisation is for anyone who finds that econometric methods are the main framework of reference in their daily activities as well as researchers and policy makers.

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Econometrics for Economists and Finance Practitioners
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