Communication skills for engineering scholars

Politecnico di Milano

The "Communication Skills for Engineering Scholars" course offered by Politecnico di Milano is designed to enhance the communication abilities of engineering scholars. This comprehensive course covers various aspects of effective communication, including rhetoric, argumentation, public speaking, grant writing, and scientific writing. Through a combination of theory, practical exercises, and real-world examples, participants will gain valuable insights and skills to communicate clearly and persuasively within the engineering domain.

The course is structured into five modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of communication. The first module delves into the fundamentals of clarity, guiding learners on how to articulate their ideas effectively. The second module explores the art of persuasion, providing insights into constructing compelling arguments. The third module focuses on public speaking, offering tools and techniques to deliver impactful presentations. Moving on, the fourth module delves into the intricacies of writing project proposals, covering essential elements such as executive summaries, methodologies, and resources. Finally, the fifth module concentrates on scientific writing, guiding participants through the process of crafting coherent and impactful scientific papers.

By the end of the course, participants will have honed their communication skills, making them adept at presenting their ideas, writing persuasively, and engaging with diverse audiences. Whether you are an engineering scholar seeking to enhance your communication capabilities or an individual looking to improve your overall communication skills, this course offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you succeed in the field of engineering.

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Communication skills for engineering scholars
Course Modules

The course encompasses five modules, each dedicated to a specific aspect of communication. From mastering clarity and persuasion to refining public speaking and writing skills, learners gain comprehensive expertise tailored for the engineering domain.

How to be clear

The first module, "How to be clear," focuses on the fundamentals of clarity in communication. Participants will learn the art of articulating ideas effectively, organizing communication, and crafting compelling arguments. By practicing these skills, learners will enhance their ability to communicate clearly and persuasively within the engineering domain.

How to persuade

The second module, "How to persuade," delves into the art of constructing persuasive arguments. Participants will explore rhetorical syllogisms, various ways of argumentation, and effective communication strategies. Through interactive exercises and engaging content, learners will develop the skills to present compelling and persuasive arguments within the engineering domain.

How to present in public

The third module, "How to present in public," equips participants with the tools and techniques for delivering impactful presentations. From understanding the context of the speech to refining performance aspects such as voice, gestures, and movements, learners will gain the confidence and skills to engage diverse audiences effectively.

How to write a project proposal

The fourth module, "How to write a project proposal," covers the essential elements of crafting persuasive project proposals. Participants will explore the diffusion of innovations theory, executive summaries, methodologies, and resource allocation. Through practical exercises, learners will develop the skills to write compelling project proposals tailored for the engineering domain.

How to write a scientific paper

The final module, "How to write a scientific paper," guides participants through the process of crafting impactful scientific papers. From understanding the main sections and abstracts to reviewing and emphasizing relevance, learners will gain the expertise to produce coherent and impactful scientific papers within the engineering domain.

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