Being a researcher (in Information Science and Technology)

Politecnico di Milano

The course provides a broad view of how to become and progress as a researcher. It spans over a wide range of topics, from the historical development of scientific thought to research methodology, to the pragmatics of publication, research funding, evaluation, and promotion in a researcher’s career. It also stresses the ethical aspects of research. Although the course speaks about scientific research in general, it especially focuses on the field on Information and Communication Science and Technology. The course is mainly directed to students engaging in research and beginning researchers. It may also be of interest for senior researcher in their role as supervisors or mentors, and to all those who are interested in how scientific research works. The main topics addressed in the course are: - Research, its historical development, and its role in society; - Research methodology; - The products of research: publications and artifacts; - The professional researcher: roles and career progress; - Research evaluation, from peer review to bibliometrics; - Research ethics.

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Being a researcher (in Information Science and Technology)
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