Chinese for HSK 1

Peking University

Embark on your journey to learn Chinese with the comprehensive "Chinese for HSK Level 1" course. Taught by YU Bin from Peking University, this course offers a structured approach to language learning, focusing on greetings, numbers, family, school, time, weather, work, hobbies, traffic, and directions.

Throughout the course, you will explore over 30 video lectures, engaging dialogue role plays, and audio materials, providing a well-rounded learning experience. With more than 150 commonly used words, 50 key grammar points, and quizzes for each lesson, the course ensures a solid foundation in Chinese language proficiency. Optional supplementary materials about China and writing Chinese characters are also available, catering to diverse learning preferences.

  • Learn from 30 video lectures with dialogue role plays
  • Master over 150 commonly used words
  • Explore around 50 key grammar points
  • Access new words and texts via audio
  • Engage in quizzes for each lesson and HSK test papers

By the end of the course, you will be equipped to understand and use simple Chinese phrases, meet basic communication needs, and be prepared for further Chinese language studies. Join now and embark on a fascinating journey of learning the Chinese language!

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Chinese for HSK 1
Course Modules

The "Chinese for HSK Level 1" course comprises engaging modules covering greetings and numbers, family and school/university, time and weather, work and hobbies, shopping and food, traffic and directions, and a final test.

Greetings and numbers

Embark on your Chinese learning journey with the "Greetings and numbers" module. Delve into essential greetings, numbers, Chinese characters, pronunciation, and quizzes to solidify your foundational language skills.

Family and school/university

Explore the "Family and school/university" module, focusing on family-related vocabulary, school and university topics, uses of numbers, and tips for learning the lesson. Engage in quizzes to reinforce your knowledge.

Time and weather

The "Time and weather" module delves into vocabulary related to time and weather, offering engaging texts, Chinese character writing, and quizzes to enhance your comprehension and fluency in these topics.

Work and hobbies

Dive into the "Work and hobbies" module, covering work-related vocabulary, hobbies, tips for learning the lesson, and engaging quizzes to cement your understanding of these practical and everyday topics.

Shopping and food

Discover the "Shopping and food" module, immersing yourself in vocabulary related to shopping and food, with engaging texts, Chinese character writing, and quizzes to reinforce your knowledge of these essential daily topics.

Traffic and directions

Master the "Traffic and directions" module, focusing on vocabulary related to transportation, directions, and navigation. Engage in quizzes and practical dialogues to enhance your proficiency in these practical scenarios.


Conclude your learning with the "FINAL TEST" module, evaluating your proficiency and understanding of the course content. Prepare to demonstrate your skills and knowledge gained throughout the course.

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