Content Strategy for Professionals: Capstone Project

Northwestern University

The Capstone Project is a culmination of the Content Strategy Specialization, providing an exciting opportunity to apply your knowledge in a real-world scenario. You will work on developing a comprehensive Content Strategy for a fictional web startup, Wish I Was There, focusing on a specific region, people, and culture.

Throughout the course, you will create a visual mock-up of a webpage and devise a plan to engage with the target audience. This project-based learning experience will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of content strategy and its impact, preparing you for similar challenges in your professional work.

  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Real-world application of content strategy
  • Development of a comprehensive content strategy
  • Creation of a visual mock-up and engagement plan

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Content Strategy for Professionals: Capstone Project
Course Modules

The course modules guide you through the development of an effective Content Strategy package for a fictional web startup, culminating in a comprehensive Capstone Project.

Capstone Overview and Directions

The Capstone Overview and Directions module provides an introduction to the project and its expectations. You will gain insights into the content strategy capstone project and receive guidance on how to approach and complete the assignment effectively.

Content Strategy for Professionals Capstone Project Story

The Content Strategy for Professionals Capstone Project Story module immerses you in the context of the fictional web startup, Wish I Was There. You will understand the background and objectives of the project, setting the stage for your engagement with the capstone assignment.

Assignment Submission

The Assignment Submission module outlines the requirements and process for submitting your completed capstone project. You will receive instructions on how to present your content strategy for evaluation and feedback.

Peer Review

The Peer Review module involves engaging with the work of your peers, providing and receiving feedback on the content strategies developed for the capstone project. This collaborative process enhances your understanding and skills in content strategy.

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