3D CAD Application

National Taiwan University

Embark on a transformative journey into 3D modeling with the “3D CAD Application” course offered by National Taiwan University. This specialized program delves deep into the intricacies of 3D model creation, with a focus on building design using SketchUp. Through a series of meticulously crafted modules, learners are empowered to grasp the essential skills of a 3D modeler and engineer.

The course initiates with an overview, syllabus, and grading policy, setting the stage for the immersive learning experience. Participants then delve into the basics of 3D modeling, understanding the processes and importing CAD files into SketchUp. Subsequent modules guide learners through creating building structures, staircases, detailed components like windows, modifying and placing components, model assembling, and materials. The course culminates with a comprehensive review and preview, reinforcing the acquired knowledge and skills.

Throughout the journey, participants engage in quizzes and peer reviews, enhancing their understanding and practical application of the concepts. By the course's conclusion, learners emerge equipped with the proficiency to create intricate 3D building models, mirroring the expertise of seasoned engineers.

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3D CAD Application
Course Modules

The “3D CAD Application” course comprises eight modules, guiding learners from foundational concepts to advanced skills in creating 3D building models using SketchUp.

Initiation: Prepare for the Class

Welcome to the CAD&BIM specialization! The course begins with an initiation, providing learners with a comprehensive overview, syllabus, and grading policy. Participants gain insights into the course structure and expectations, setting the stage for the transformative learning journey ahead.

Basis of 3D modeling: Learn basic concept and start modeling

Delve into the basis of 3D modeling, understanding the processes and importing CAD files into SketchUp. Participants are equipped with the foundational knowledge essential for creating detailed 3D building models.

Building Structure: Create columns, walls, beams and slabs

Explore the intricacies of building structures, including columns, walls, beams, and slabs. Learners gain hands-on experience in creating the foundational elements of 3D building models, honing their skills as aspiring engineers.

Staircases: Create staircases and railings

Dive into the creation of staircases and railings, mastering the art of intricately designing and incorporating these essential components into 3D building models. Participants engage in peer reviews, refining their modeling techniques.

Windows: Create detailed components

Immerse in the creation of detailed components such as windows and doors, elevating the level of intricacy and realism in 3D building models. Participants hone their skills in creating and modifying intricate components, enriching their modeling expertise.

Modify and Place Component: Place components into building model

Learn to modify and place components into building models, enhancing the level of detail and realism. Participants refine their skills in incorporating various components, elevating the complexity and functionality of their 3D building models.

Model Assembling and Materials: Complete this building model

Embark on the final stages of the course, focusing on model assembling and materials. Participants gain expertise in assembling and refining the details of their 3D building models, culminating in the completion and export of their virtual creations.

Closure: Review and preview

Conclude the course with a comprehensive review and preview, reinforcing the acquired knowledge and skills. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their learning journey and are equipped to continue their endeavors in 3D modeling with confidence.

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