Activism in Sports and Culture

Morehouse College

Sports have long been a reflection of American culture, embodying societal divisions and alliances. In "Activism in Sports and Culture," NBA All-Star Chris Webber leads an exploration of how athletes and institutions navigate political and social issues. Delve into historical protests, iconic activists' interviews, and academic work to understand the impact of activism in sports.

  • Examine the historical and contemporary influence of sports on societal and political change.
  • Explore the narratives of iconic activists, including John Carlos and Jemele Hill, as they grapple with the consequences of their activism.
  • Analyze primary source materials and academic work to comprehend the legacy of sports activism.

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Activism in Sports and Culture
Course Modules

Delve into the historical and contemporary influence of sports on societal and political change, exploring iconic activists' narratives and analyzing primary source materials to comprehend the legacy of sports activism.

The Icons

The Icons module introduces the historical context of activism in sports, focusing on the legacy of the 1968 Olympics protest. Explore primary source documents and interviews with iconic activists such as John Carlos.

The Reluctant Protester

The Reluctant Protester module delves into the story of Spencer Haywood, offering insights into the challenges and decisions faced by athletes when navigating political statements. Explore Haywood's interviews and career highlights to understand the complexities of activism in sports.

The Commentator

In The Commentator module, analyze the experiences of ESPN's Jemele Hill and the controversies surrounding her activism. Gain insights into the challenges faced by media personalities and the implications of their political statements in the sports industry.

The Organizer

The Organizer module focuses on the influential work of Dr. Harry Edwards in sports activism. Gain an understanding of the organizational efforts and historical impact of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, exploring the lasting legacy of activism in sports.

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